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Remove James Oakley from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement board

We failed in our efforts to get James Oakley removed from the PEC Board but he serves on many other boards.  One of them is Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  One of our members, who is former law enforcement officer, encourages us to write Governor Abbott about the problem of Oakley remaining on this board given his racist and vigilante comments.

Please write Governor Abbott and ask him to remove Oakley from the TCOLE Board since he has no business serving on this board either.  A sample letter is provided below.  Please put your letter in your own words using this letter to provide the framework. Make sure to send your letter by February 11.

Dear Gov Abbott:

Thank you for the great job you are doing! I know that you’re a man of honor and conviction, and that ethical behavior among everyone who represents each and every governmental entity of the State of Texas is very important to you.

That being said, I’d like to bring to your attention the situation of former Rick Perry’s appointment of Judge James Oakley to the TCOLE board of directors. Be advised Mr. Oakley also sits on the PEC board of directors and is a sitting Burnet County judge which makes him the ‘chief legislator and executive’ of that county. This is of great concern to we voters in the Hill Country because on 11/21/16, Mr. Oakley posted on Facebook, upon hearing that a black man shot and killed a San Antonio Police Detective, Benjamin Marconi, that it was ‘time for a tree and a rope’.

As you see, that comment encouraged anyone reading this posting to take the law into their own hands, and commit the act of murder. Although, we all grieved Detective Marconi’s death, we never wanted to see the criminal justice system of Texas and the United States violated and circumvented by such a blatant act of vigilantism! You can only imagine what fear that would create for all of us who depend on you.

Furthermore, we believe that James Oakley has not only embarrassed our State, but has sullied and distracted from the excellent job you do. As you can imagine, sir, this comment suggesting a lynching, (which, as you know) the EEOC decision addresses in the discrimination suit, Tootle v. Navy, EEOC Appeal No. 07A40127 (Feb.10.2006) stated:

‘Although based on a single incident, the noose was a sufficiently severe racial symbol with violent implications that equates to a DEATH THREAT’.

There has been such an outcry of disgust against Mr. Oakley because we know his irresponsible posting undercuts all you are trying to achieve for those of us who appreciate your efforts.

We’re asking you to please remove James Oakley from the TCOLE board of directors as soon as possible, and when you do, we believe that others will view, as we do, that your ethical leadership is beyond reproach.

Again, we thank you for your excellent service to the State of Texas and all of us who support you!

Best regards and respect,