Keep PEC as a COOP

This letter  is an example of talking points to use with  PEC Board and also gives you an idea of the issues facing us long term.  Please be vocal in sharing your interest in keeping at large voting, keeping politics out of the coop, and keeping the Cooperative status for PEC.  We don’t want to be privatized.

Dear PEC leadership,

[your name]  here, [county of residence], [number or years] as a PEC Member.
I’m reaching out to share my strong feelings about our Coop:
1. Keep at large voting for directors. It is our legal structure, members have voted TWICE to keep at-large rather than single district voting. I want to cast my vote for directors at large.
2. I have been proud of the progress our Coop has made over the last 10 years. If you experience outside corporate pressure to privatize and dissolve our Coop, PLEASE RESIST. We can all be proud of our Coop structure, we DO NOT need to be taken over by for-profit utilities.
3. If the Texas Legislature wants to privatize our Coop to appease corporate lobbyists, PLEASE RESIST.
4. Keep Pedernales Electric Coop free of partisan politics. Focus on providing great service (which you do) and realize the strength of our Coop is local independence in providing responsible and reliable electric service.

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